Greenfinches Square Dance Club

About Us 

Phil Hartley and Prim Calver started beginners in August 1985 at the Kingsley Hall for a few weeks before moving to the Greenwood Senior High School. At this point they used the name of Western Australian Self Help Group to book the classes.

They moved the classes to the YMCA Greenwood Hall, then to the Hamersley Recreation Centre where we are now. The Callers were Phil Hartley and Prim Calver.

Soon a committee was formed and the names of various birds were placed in a hat, "Greenfinch" was drawn out and adopted as the club name.

Phil then retired and Prim took over as the caller and remained until her retirement in 1995 when the club had grown to about forty members.

Brendan Jordan became the next caller and he remained for nearly two years before accepting a job posting in Augusta.

In 1997 Don Gauci took over as club caller till he retired in December 2013 after completing16 years as our club caller and a total of 25 years of calling - well done Don!!

Steve Turner is our new club caller from January 2014 as we look forward to more great years of - Fun & Friendship Set To Music - thats Square Dancing! 

 Greenfinches is a Happy

Square Dance Club

where everyone is made welcome. 

We dance at the Hamersley Recreation Centre 

20 Belvedere Road Hamersley 6022 

Tuesday Nights from 8.00 to 10.15 pm


Greenfinches Square Dance Club